Remington 700

Remington model 700 Police (USA)



Caliber: .223 Rem (5.56x45mm) and .308 Win (7.62x51mm, 7.62mm NATO)
Operation: Bolt Action, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Weight: 4.08kg empty without telescope
Length: 1662mm
Barrel: 660mm. (other lenghts available)
Feed: 4-Round internal magazine (detachable magazine in model 700 Police DM in .308 Win)
Stock: HS Precision
Sights: variable telescopic
Max Effective Range: 800 meters
Expected Accuracy: Less than 1 MOA with M118 (Ammo is limiting factor)


Basically, Remington model 700 Police is simply re-stocked Remington model 700 VS (Varmint Synthetic). Remington manufactured its famous model 700 since 1962.This rifle is perhaps one most widely used across the USA as a bolt-action tactical rifle. This rifle traces its ancestry back to the British P14/US model 1917 Enfield. Starting with model 700BDL action, Remington adds a stainless-steel barrel and a carbon-fiber stock, then tunes the rifle for one-minute-of-angle accuracy using match grade ammo. This rifle design was (and is) a basis for many custom build tactical sniper rifles. The USMC (Marine Corps) was among the first to make model 700 action the basis for a precision sniper rifle. The original USMC M40 bolt-action sniper rifle used in Vietnam and into the late 1970s was built on a Remington Model 700BDL action. In fact, today's M40A1s are still being rebuilt on these same actions. Lather, when the US Army decided to switch from a semi-automatic to a bolt-action rifle, the Remington Model 700 action was chosen for the M24.

Technically, all model 700 rifles have carbon or satinless steel tubular receivers of greater strenght. The rotating bolt locks with two lugs that located at the front of the bolt, into recesses made in the receiver walls. The trigger is crisp. Remington not only manufactured the rifles – it also sell the actions (with or without barrels) to many manufacturers of the custom rifles.So, it is common to see Remington 700 action in HS Precision, McMillan or Choate stock with custom target barrel and other options. For another example, famous UK based company, Accuracy International, manufactured it's own tactical chassis for Rem 700 – AICS stage I or II.