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Styria Arms CSR99

 Styria Arms CSR99 sniper rifle.
 Styria Arms CSR99 sniper rifle.


Styria Arms CSR99 sniper rifle; close-up view on the left-handed version of the basic design.
Styria Arms CSR99 sniper rifle; close-up view on the left-handed version of the basic design.


Caliber(s): 6,5×47 Lapua up to .338 Remington Ultra Mag; 7.62×51 / .308 Win is most common
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Barrel: length on customer request, from 350 to 700 mm
Weight: varies
Length: varies
Feed: 3 to 5 rounds in integral box magazine, depending on caliber


The CSR99 sniper rifle is produced on custom basis by private Austrian company Styria Arms. It was developed by M.Mayerl, head of the Styria Arms, professional small arms designer who previously worked at famous SIG-Sauer factory in Germany. The CSR99 rifle is intended to offer target and tactical shooters the best possible accuracy and reliability. CSR99 rifles are built to customer specifications in variety of calibers and barrel lengths, and can be further customized to user's preferences – in fact, the CSR stands for Custom Sniper Rifle. With proper ammunition, CSR99 rifles are capable of sub-MOA accuracy. CSR99 sniper rifles can be ordered in many commercially available rifle calibers (although the .308 Win / 7.62×51 appears to be most popular). For precision long-range shooting CSR99 cam be made in a variety of purpose-designed long-range cartridges of 6.5mm caliber (with effective range up to 1600 m) and in .338 Remington UltraMag (with range up to 1800 meters with proper bullets). Additionally, some specialized chamberings available for CSR99 such as .416 SAR – a proprietary / wildcat subsonic round, optimized for precision short-range work when using rifle fitted with silencer (sound moderator). One interesting aspect of the CSR99 design is that it can be ordered in 'left-hand' version for those shooters who are left-handed. Clients of the Styria Arms also can order specialized sniper / match grade ammunition tailored to their needs and their rifle, and necessary training.

The CSR99 sniper rifle is a manually operated, bolt action repeater. It uses improved, Mauser type bolt action with dual front-locking lugs and Mauser-type claw extractor which allows for controlled feed of the cartridges all the way from magazine to chamber. Action is equipped with "commercial Mauser-type" 3-position manual safety, and adjustable trigger. Feed is from Mauser-type integral box magazine, which is loaded with signle rounds through the top. CSR99 rifles are fitted with precision-made, cold hammer forged barrels, and stocked into adjustable fiberglass stocks, with fully bedded actions. CSR99 rifles are provided with Picatinny type rails on the top of receiver as standard, so user can easily mount any optical or night sighting equipment according to his needs and preferences. For those who use their rifles under harsh enviromental conditions, CSR99 rifles can be ordered with proprietary "Styria Ox" and "Styria Coat (Teflon)" surface finishes which are extremely corrosion resistant.