KSVK 12.7


Caliber(s): 12.7×108 mm (.50 Russian)
Operation: manually operated, bolt action rifle
Barrel: 1000 mm
Weight: 12 kg w/o scope
Length: 1400 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box magazine.


The ASVK / KSVK anti-materiel (or large caliber sniper) rifle was developed in the late 1990s by ZID pland, located in the city of Kovrov, Russia. It is based on the SVN-98 12.7mm experimental rifle. ASVK / KSVK sniper rifle is currently used by Russian Army and Police special operations units as a counter-sniper and anti-materiel rifle, capable of penetrating brick, concrete and thick wooden walls and disabling terrorists hiding behind. KSVK / ASVK sniper rifle (GRAU index of bare rifle is 6V7, with optical and night sight – 6S8) can fire all types of 12.8x108mm machine gun ammo (AP, API, API-T) as well as specially designed 12.7SN / 7N34 sniper grade ammunition. With 7N34 ammunition accurcay is claimed as 1.5 MOA at 100 meters or better.


KSVK is a bullpup configured, manually operated, rotary bolt rifle. Ammunition is fed from detachable 5-round box magazines. It is equipped with massive muzzle brake. KSVK is fitted with standard Russian side-mounted scope rail, and can be fitted with variety of day and night scopes. Folding bipod is attached to a special extender, which runs below the barrel from the receiver, which allows for free floating barrel. Open iron sights on folding bases are installed for backup or emergency purposes.