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7.62mm MTs-116 single shot target rifle.
 7.62mm MTs-116 single shot target rifle.


7.62mm MTs-116M sniper rifle.
 7.62mm MTs-116M sniper rifle.


Caliber(s): 7.62x54R
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Barrel: 650 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg empty, less telescope and bipod
Length: 1250 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 or 10 rounds detachable box magazines


The MTs-116M sniper rifle was developed in 1997 for law enforcementuse by Central Design Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms (TsKIB SOO,now part of the KBP / Instrument Design Bureau) in the city of Tula,Russia. MTs-116M was derived from highly successful single-shot MTs-116'high power match' rifle, which was used by Russian shooting teams towin many international shooting matches at 100 and 300 meters ranges.MTs-116M is produced in limited numbers and is in use by various lawenforcement organizations in Russia. According to availableinformation, with proper (match-grade) ammunition MTs-116M sniper rifleis capable of sub-MOA accuracy and has effective range of up to 800meters.

MTs-116M sniper rifle is manually operated, bolt actionrifle with rotary bolt locking. Bolt has two radial lugs at the front.Free-floated barrel has heavy profile and is fitted with flash hider.Feed is from proprietary, five- or ten-shot detachable box magazines.Trigger unit is fully adjustable. Stock is made from wood and isprovided with adjustable buttplate, cheek rest and a rear supportmonopod. Adjustable folding bipod is attached below theforend. MTs-116M sniper rifle is normally fitted with telescope orIR / Night sight using proprietary quick-detachable mounts. No ironsights are provided by default.