Barrett 98B

Barrett 98 Bravo (98B) sniper rifle with telescope sight that has BORS system installed on top.


Caliber(s): .338 Lapua Magnum
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Barrel: 686 mm / 27"
Weight: 6.12 kg / 13.5 lbs less scope and acessories
Length: 1264 mm / 49.75"
Feed Mechanism: 10 rounds detachable box magazine


Barrett 98 Bravo (98B) sniper rifle is a most recent product of the US-based company Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company, which became famous thanks to its large caliber anti-material / sniper rifles such as Barrett Model 82.  The Barrett Model 98B rifle represents a slight departure from the earlier company's profile, as it is chambered for less powerful, but very accurate .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, which was sepcially designed for long-range sniper and target shooting. The Barrett model 98 Bravo (98B) sniper rifle is a dedicated long range precision-shooting weapon, suitable for military, law enforcement and civilian (target shooting and long range hunting) applications. It is offered by the Barrett company as a single weapon or as a kit, complete with telescope sight and Barrett's proprietary BORS system that includes programmable ballistic computer which is mounted directly to the top of the telescope sight, and provides shooting data on the small display just above the telescope eyepiece.

Barrett 98 Bravo (98B) sniper rifle is a manually operated rotary bolt action weapon. Multi-lugged bolt provides solid lockup directly to the barrel, allowing the upper receiver to be made from lightweight aluminum alloy. Lower receiver is also manufactured from aluminum alloy, and upper and lower receiver halves are hinged at the front to provide easy disassembly. Free-floating barrel is fluted to save weight and provide better cooling, and fitted with effective muzzle brake. Trigger is fully adjustable, and ambidextrous manual safety is conveniently located above the pistol grip. The shoulder stock is adjustable for length of pull and position of the cheek rest. Rifle is fitted with integral Picatinny rail on top of the upper receiver, with optional short rails on both sides and at the bottom of the barrel jacket. Feed is from polymer detachable box magazines that hold 10 rounds of ammunition. No irong sights are installed by default, as rifle is intended for long range shooting using state-of-the-art optics.