TCI M89-SR sniper rifle.
 TCI M89-SR sniper rifle.

Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: gas operated, semiautomatic
Barrel: 560 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg empty, less scope
Length: 850 mm
Feed Mechanism: 10 or 20 rounds detachable box magazine


The M89-SRsniper rifle is now being produced by the Technical  Equipment  International(TEI) Ltd company, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The M89-SR is intended for bothurban warfare and support of mechanized troops in the field – everywhere wherethe compact size of this bullpup rifle, as well as its rapid-fire capability isa plus. M89-SR is based on the earlier Israeli design, the M36 bullpup sniperrifle, which was developed back in 1980s. The M89-SR is based on the modifiedAmerican M14 / M1A rifle action, fitted intobullpup stock, and equipped with proprietary scope mount, muzzle brake and adetachable bipod. M89-SR rifle can be fitted with proprietary quick-detachablesilencer for low noise work. This rifle is in use with Israeli Self-Defenceforces (TSAHAL) and is offered for export.

The M89-SR sniper rifle is builtaround gas operated, rotating bolt semi-automatic action; the gas system isapparently modified to some extent. M89-SR is fed using standard M14/ M1A type detachable box magazines. M89-SR can be used with varioustelescope and IR sights, and there's no open sights as a standard. Reportedly,there is another modification of the basic design, the M89-AR, which is fittedwith adjustable iron sights by default, and is intended for battlefield use.