Unique Alpine TPG-3



7,62×51 NATO (.308 Win), 300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua


Manually operated, bolt action

Overall length

991 – 1251 mm (with 660 mm barrel)

Barrel length

504, 610, 660 or 711 mm

Weight, empty

6.5 kg (with 660 mm barrel)

Magazine capacity

10 and 15 rounds (.308)
5 and 10 rounds (.300 WM)
5 and 8 rounds (.338 LM)


The TPG-3 Sniper Rifle was designed in 2011 by German company Unique Alpine AG. Today it is produced in an improved version TPG-3 A4. The Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4 Sniper Rifle is a fully modular sniper weapon, intended for use by various Special Operations elements in military and Law Enforcement.


Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4 Sniper Rifle is a manually operated, rotary bolt action rifle. It features aluminum alloy chassis-type stock with side folding, fully adjustable shoulder stock. Its barrels are easily detachable and available in several different lengths and three basic calibers. Optical equipment is installed using integrated Mil-STD (Picatinny rail). Ammunition is fed from proprietary, detachable box magazines made from polymer.