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SV-98 sniper rifle (Russia)

SV-98 sniper rifle was developed by IZHMASH (Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant, now an integral part of the “Kalashnikov” group) during late 1990s, and put into production circa 2000. It is based on the 7.62mm Record-1 target rifle, originally built for 300-meter shooting matches. SV-98 was adopted by Russian military under GRAU index 6V10 (6В10 in Cyrillic), and is also widely used by various law enforcement agencies in Russia. Since 2013 “Kalashnikov” group produces an updated version of the SV-98 sniper rifle, which features new, more versatile, comfortable and robust stock, made from light alloys.


SV-98 sniper rifle, early version
SV-98 sniper rifle, early version


SV-98 sniper rifle is manually operated, rotary bolt action gun; its bolt has three locking lugs at the front, and receiver is made from steel. Precision-made barrel is free-floated and can be fitted with quick-detachable flash hider or sound suppressor (silencer). Early versions featured stocks made from laminated wood, which characteristick thumb-hole butt. Present modification is equipped with aluminum alloy stock, which has side-folding and fully adjustable butt, separate pistol grip and mounting point for bipod. Optics is mounted using integrated Picatinny rail above the receiver, and SV-98 also features adjustable back-up iron sights. Various types of day and night sights can be used on the rifle. Ammunition is fed from proprietary detachable box magazines, made from reinforded polymer.


SV-98 sniper rifle, modern version
SV-98 sniper rifle, modern version


Maximum effective range for this rifle, depending on the target, is about 800 to 1000 meters. When firing special sniper-grade ammunition, such as Russian-made 7.62x54R 7N1 and 7N14 rounds, SV-98 is capable of sub-MOA accuracy. Quick-detachable suppressor, which is provided with the rifle, can be used with standard, supersonic ammunition to decrease sound and flash signature.


SV-98 sniper rifle, modern version
SV-98 sniper rifle, modern version


Specification Value
Full text name SV-98 sniper rifle (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x54R
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1200
Length, folded, mm 910
Barrel length, mm 650
Weight empty, kg 5,8
Magazine capacity, rounds 10