SR-4 (SR4) Sniper Rifle
SR-4 (SR4) Sniper Rifle





9x69mm SP-14


Manually operated, bolt action

Overall length

1225 mm

Barrel length


Weight (less scope and ammunition)

6 kg

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


The SR4 Long Range Sniper Rifle was designed and manufactured by the Central Scientific & Research Institute of Precision Machine building (TSNII TechMash) in Tula, Russia. TechMash (in Russian – Техмаш) is a leading Russian center for research and development in military small arms ammunition and special equipment.

Produced in small batches, this rifle is intended for use at ranges in excess of 1000 meters, and provides a domestic equivalent (in terms of performance) to western rifles chambered for .338 Lapua magnum ammunition. In fact, the proprietary 9x69mm SP-14 sniper ammunition is based on the .338LM case, necked out to accept the indigenous to Russia 9mm bullet with combination lead & aluminum core.

The SR-4 sniper rifle was officially adopted by the Russian FSB (Federal Security service) in 2011 and is used by FSB snipers. According to the manufacturer, the SR4 sniper rifle with SP14 ammunition is capable of 1 MOA accuracy (groups not bigger than 90mm at 300 meters).

Technical details:

The SR-4 sniper rifle is a manually operated, rotary bolt action rifle with detachable magazine. It features a wooden stock with adjustable length of pull and cheek rest. The trigger unit is fully adjustable and can be easily detached from the rifle for tuning or maintenance. The top of the receiver is provided with an integrated Picatinny rail accepting a variety of day or night scopes. Standard daylight sight is the Dedal DS5-20X56 telescopic sight. This rifle features back-up iron sights.