McMillan CS5

McMillan CS5 sniper rifle in "Stubby" configuration, with shoulder stock sound suppressor installed


McMillan CS5 sniper rifle in "Stubby" configuration, with shoulder stock sound suppressor removed for transportation or storage



7,62×51 NATO / .308 Win


Manually operated bolt action

Overall length

1117 mm / 40" with 18.5” barrel

Barrel length

317 or 470 mm / 12.5” or 18.5”

Weight, with empty magazine

4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs with 12.5” barrel
5.3 kg / 11.6 lbs with 18.5” barrel

Magazine capacity

10 or 20 rounds


McMillan CS5 (Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System) is a dedicated short and medium range sniping weapon, which is optimized for use in urban environment with or without sound suppressor (silencer). It is available in two versions, “Standard” (with 18.5 inch barrel) and “Stubby” (with 12.5 inch barrel and quick-detach suppressor). Both versions are capable of Sub-MOA accuracy with properly selected ammunition, either subsonic or supersonic.


McMillan CS5 sniper rifle is built around McMillan T2K bolt action, which is also known as Tubb 2000. It employs steel receiver of very solid construction, with conjunction of the “low effort” rotary bolt, which can be operated quite fast. Rifle is fed using detachable box magazines, compatible with Knight’s SR-25 rifles. Trigger is made by Anschutz, and is fully adjustable to user preferences. Precision-made free-floating barrels are threaded at the front to accept flash hiders and / or detachable sound suppressors. The fully adjustable shoulder stock is detachable, and rifle can be fired with shoulder stock removed. Sighting means are provided by integral Picatinny rail at the top of the receiver, which can accept any telescope sight in appropriate mounts, according to the user’s preferences or mission requirements. Additional Picatinny rails on the tubular forend allow installation of useful accessories such as bipods.