HK G28

Heckler – Koch HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle in "patrol" configuration


Heckler – Koch HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle in "standard" configuration with optional otoelectronic night vision adapter



7.62×51 NATO (.308 Win)


Gas operated semi-automatic

Overall length

1003 – 914 mm

Barrel length

420 mm

Weight, with scope and empty magazine

7,5 kg standard configuration

5,9 kg patrol configuration

Magazine capacity

10 and 20 rounds


Heckler – Koch HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle was born as a result of recent experiences, gained by Bundeswehr (German army) in Afghanistan. This rifle is intended to extend effective range of infantry fire against enemy personnel beyond capabilities of the standard issue 5,56mm NATO assault rifles and light machine guns. While maximum effective range of 5,56mm weapons is about 400 meters, the 7,62mm HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle can provide accurate fire to ranges of up to 600 meters and suppressive fire at ranges of up to 800 meters. It is to be used as a support weapon at squad level during foot patrols and other operations, where use of 7,62mm general purpose machine guns and heavier support weapons is unavailable or undesirable. The HK G28 rifle is already in service with German army units in Afghanistan.

HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle is based on the Heckler-Koch MR308 civilian competition rifle, which is, in turn, an adaptation of the HK 417 automatic military rifle. The HK G28 is said to have about 75% parts commonality with HK 417. According to the Heckler & Koch literature, every HK G28 rifle is guaranteed to deliver accuracy of 1.5 MOA or better for 10-round groups with standard issue ammunition.


Heckler – Koch HK G28 rifle is semi-automatic, gas operated weapon. It uses short-stroke gas piston system with 2 position gas regulator, which allows for effective and reliable use of standard or subsonic ammunition (latter with sound moderator / silencer). Barrel is locked by conventional AR-15-style rotary bolt. Upper receiver of HK G28 rifle is manufactured from steel, lower receiver is made of aluminum alloy. Feed is from detachable box magazines with 10- and 20-round capacity, made of translucent plastic. Barrel is free-floated inside handguards.

As of now, Heckler – Koch HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle is available in two configurations, which can be changed from one to another at the base. These are Standard configuration (with long forend, bipod, telescoping shoulder stock with adjustable cheek rest, and Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20×50 daytime telescope sight with laser rangefinder installed on the top) and Patrol configuration (with shorter and lighter forend, simplified telescoping buttstock and Schmidt & Bender PMII 1-8×24 daytime telescope sight). Rifle is equipped with new STANAG 4694 NATO accessory rails (backward compatible with Mil-Std 1913 / Picatinny rails) on the top of receiver and on the forend.