SSG 82.
SSG 82.


SSG 82 - action closeup.
SSG 82 – action closeup.

Caliber(s): 5.45x39mm
Operation: bolt action, manual repeater
Barrel: 585 mm
Weight: ? kg
Length: ? mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box mag.

Not too much known about this quite rare rifle. It was manufactured in 1980s for East Germany Police and Airport Security units. It is based on small-bore match rifle, but chambered for somewhat odd (for the sniper use) cartridge, 5.45x39mm, which intended for use in AK-74 Kalashnikov assault rifles. The accuracy of the rifle is not too great, say, 2 or so MOA with good ammo, and even worse with standart miliotary issue ammo.

The SSG-82 featured rotating bolt action with 4 lugs that locks into the receiver. The barrel is cold hammer forged. Gun is fed from detachable box magazine that holds 5 rounds. Standart scope is Zeiss 4X fixed power. The stock is made from wood and is ajustable for lenght of pull with rubber inserts.