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NORINCO NSG-85 / CS/LR19 Sniper Rifle (China)

NSG-85 / CS/LR19 Sniper Rifle is manufactured in China and is offered internationally through the state-owned NORINCO corporation. This rifle, which is known by two separate names (NORINCO NSG-85 or NORINCO CS/LR19) is an upgraded version of the Chinese Type 85 sniper rifle, which in turn is a copy of the Russian Dragunov SVD rifle. Retaining same basic layout and design features of the SVD, NORINCO NSG-85 features several improvements such as heavier, cold-hammer forged and free-floating barrel, redesigned stocks made from polymer, and a revised receiver which allows use of the top-mounted Picatiny rail instead of the side-mounted dovetailed rail found on original Dragunov SVD rifles. As a result, when shooting sniper grade ammo, manufacturer claims 1.2 MOA or better accuracy at 100 meters and 1.5 MOA or better accuracy at 600 meters, which is not bad for what is, basically, a Dedicated Marksman Rifle (DMR).


NORINCO NSG-85 / CS/LR19 Sniper Rifle
NORINCO NSG-85 / CS/LR19 Sniper Rifle


NORINCO NSG-85 / NORINCO CS/LR19 sniper rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated rifle. Short-stroke gas piston is located above the barrel and manual gas regulator is provided to adjust the action if required. Rifle features rotary bolt with three radial locking lugs at the front. Thumb-hole type fixed stock is made from polymer, with rubber buttpad, adjustable cheek rest and an integral retractable monopod below. Feed is from detachable double stack box magazines with 10 rounds capacity, which are compatible with Dragunov SVD rifles. Rifle has no iron sights, and various telescope or night sights can be installed using Picatinny type rail running above the receiver and plastic forend. Additional pieces of Picatinny rail are installed on both sides of the forend. NORINCO also offers several variable power telescope sights (i.e. 3-12×50 and 8.5-32×50) as well as Night Vision sights and IR adapters for this rifle.


Specification Value
Full text name NORINCO NSG-85 / CS/LR19 Sniper Rifle (China)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x54R
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1230
Barrel length, mm 620
Weight empty, kg 5.6
Magazine capacity, rounds 10