Armalite AR-50

Armalite AR-50 Sniper Rifle


Armalite AR-50A1 Sniper Rifle


Data for AR-50A1 rifle


12.7×99 (.50MBG), also .416 Barrett


Manually operated bolt action

Overall length

1486 mm

Barrel length

762 mm


15.5 kg

Magazine capacity


The AR-50 sniper rifle was designed by US based Armalite company as an affordable, yet highly accurate long range target rifle, also suitable for tactical applications where a single and accurate shot with powerful .50BMG ammo could solve a problem. Today it is offered in an upgraded AR-50A1 configuration, which is also available chambered for .416 Barrett ammunition.


Armalite AR-50 and AR-50A1 sniper rifles are manually operated, rotary bolt action single shot rifles. They feature aluminum alloy chassis-type stock with recoil-absorbing rubber buttpad. Barrel is fitted with effective muzzle brake. Optional sights are installed using MIL-STD (Picatinny) rail, located above the receiver.