Serbu BFG-50A

Serbu BFG-50A target / sniper rifle



12,7×99 (.50 BMG)


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1308 mm (51.5”)

Barrel length

660 mm (26”)

Weight, with empty magazine

10.4 kg (23lbs)

Magazine capacity

10 rounds


Serbu BFG-50A rifle is a relatively new product of the US-based private company Serbu Firearms Inc. It is intended for accurate long-range shooting, and can be used for long range target competition, as well as for sniper work and hard target interdiction.


Serbu BFG-50A rifle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic weapon. Barrel locking is achieved by rotary bolt with triangular bolt head (three symmetrical locking lugs). It uses direct gas impingement action, in which powder gases are fed from the middle of the bore into the gas block, and then into the gas tube that runs back into the receiver. The rear of the gas tube connects to the bolt carrier, which has a dedicated gas expansion chamber. This system is similar to that used in Swedish Ljungman AG-42 and French MAS-44 and MAS-49 rifles; unlike the Stoner-designed gas system of the AR-15 / M16, the Reibel / Eklund gas system, used in BFG-50A, isolating the rotary bolt from gas expansion chamber and thus protecting it from powder residue. This action allows for stationary barrel and relatively lightweight bolt group, which is beneficial for accuracy. To decrease felt recoil and extend service life of the weapon, it is equipped with muzzle brake and integral hydraulic buffer which slows down recoil of the bolt group. Rifle is fed from detachable box magazines with 10-round capacity. Magazines are compatible with that of the Barret M82 / M107 rifle. BFG-50A rifles are manufactured without any open (“iron”) sights. Instead, detachable Picatinny rail is provided to mount a telescope sight of owner's choice above the receiver. Additional short length of a Picatinny rail is attached below the front of the handguard to accept detachable folding bipod with appropriate mount. The handguard is replaceable, making it possible to change receiver and barrel configurations. An optional monopod can be attached under the butt of the rifle.


Special thanks to Mark Serbu for his invaluable help