Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1380 mm / 54.3"

Barrel length

780 mm / 30.7”

Weight, with empty magazine and w/o optical sight

13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


QBU-10 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is a relatively new weapon that is adopted by Chinese Army and Navy Special Forces. It fires 12.7×108 ammunition of Soviet origin, which is roughly similar in performance to .50 BMG / 12.7×99 NATO and is available in several versions, including dedicated “sniper” round. It must be noted, however, that QBU-10 rifle is not designed to meet western standards for true “sniper-grade” accuracy, as Chinese sources list average accuracy for this weapon as about 2-3MOA. Still, according to Chinese documents, it allows effective engagement of the enemy personnel and equipment at ranges of up to 1000 meters.


12.7mm QBU-10 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is gas operated, semi-automatic weapon. It uses short-stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and rotary bolt locking. Rifle can be easily separated into several major components (barrel, receiver, shoulder stock, grip with trigger unit). When disassembled it fits into typical military backpack, so it can be carried by operator ‘on foot’ over longer distances or otherwise transported without attracting undue attention.  QBU-10 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is fed from proprietary detachable box magazines, each holding 5 rounds of ammunition.

Each rifle is equipped with folding back-up iron sights, folding bipod and retractable rear monopod under the buttstock. It is also issued with advanced sighting unit, which is mounted to the integral Picatinny-type rail atop of the receiver. This sighting unit consists of day-time telescope with 8X magnification, additional night-time IR unit, built-in laser rangefinder and ballistic computer.  Sighting unit has a number of push-buttons and dials on its ruggedized, weather-proof shell, and provides wired remote control with buttons installed on the pistol grip of the rifle, between the trigger and safety lever. To ensure effective recoil mitigation, rifle is equipped with large muzzle brake and rubber recoil pad on the shoulder stock. Further recoil reduction is provided by recoiling barrel, which is allowed to move rearwards in the receiver upon discharge. This feature could soften recoil noticeably, but moving barrel also accounts for decreased accuracy, compared to fixed barrel designs.