Waffen Albert ALR-338

Waffen Albert ALR-338 Sniper Rifle



.338 Lapua (also.300 Win Mag)


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1200 mm

Barrel length

650 mm

Weight, empty, w/o scope

7.5 kg

Magazine capacity

10 rounds


The ALR-338 long rage sniper rifle is manufactured in Germany by Waffen Albert GmbH. Originally intended for Law Enforcement and Military sales, it is now also available for civilian sales as a long range target or hunting weapon.


ALR-338 sniper rifle is a gas-operated weapon, using short stroke gas piston with adjustable gas block and rotary bolt with two parallel rows of locking lugs. AR-style receiver is machined from aluminum alloy. Folding, non-reciprocating charging handles are located on both sides of the upper receiver. Rifle is equipped with fully adjustable stock, match trigger and a ventilated handguard with full-length MIL-STD rail running at the top. Ammunition is fed using double stack 10-round detachable box magazines made from polymer.