McMillan TAC-50

McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.
McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.


Caliber: .50BMG (12.7x99mm)
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Barrel: 736 mm
Weight: 11.8 kg
Length: 1448 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5-round detachable box magazine


TAC-50 sniper rifle is produced in USA by McMillan Bros. Rifles Co. This longrange anti-materiel / anti-personnel weapon is based on previous designs from the same company, which first appeared during late 1980s. McMillan Co makes several versions of .50 caliber rifles, based on same proprietary action, for military, law enforcement and civilian use. TAC-50 is a military / LE weapon,which is standard Long Range Sniper rifle of Canadian Armed Forces since 2000.Rifles of TAC-50 family is capable of outstanding accuracy and guaranteed to provide 0.5 MOA groups with match grade ammunition. TAC-50 rifle is alsocredited with longest range documented kill on enemy soldier: in 2003, a Canadian sniper shot and killed an Afghani taliban insurgent from the range of 2430 meters(nearly one and a half mile).

McMillan TAC-50 is manually operated, rotary bolt rifle. Huge, full-size bolt has dual front locking lugs, and its body has spiral flutes to reduce weight.Heavy match-grade barrel is also fluted, and fitted with effective muzzle brake.Rifle is fed from detachable box magazines, holding 5 rounds each. Stock is made from fiberglass by McMillan Stocks, and is designed to be used from bipod only. Buttstockis adjustable for length of pull with rubber spacers, and can be folded to the side or removed for compact storage. Rifle has no open sights and can be used with a variety of telescopic or night sights; in Canadian service, standard sight is 16X telescope.