SVDK rifle with night sight.
 SVDK rifle with night sight.


Caliber(s): 9,3×64
Operation: gas operated, semi-automatic
Length: 1250 mm
Barrel: 620 mm
Weight: 6,5 kg less telescope sight
Feed Mechanism: 10 rounds detachable box magazine


The Dragunov SVDK large caliber sniper rifle (any rifle incaliber above 9mm is considered a "large caliber" in Russia) is asomewhat controversial weapon, recently adopted by Russian army. It wasdeveloped through "Vzlomshik" (Breaker) research and developmentprogram, along with 7,62mm SV-98 sniper and 12,7mm ASVK anti-materiel rifles. The purpose of SVDK is to deal with targets whichare too "hard" for standard 7,62x54R sniper rifles like SV-98 or SVD,such as assault troops in heavy body armor or enemy snipers behindcovers. There also were rumors that SVDK will serve as a long-rangeanti-personnel weapon, but the real-life long range ballistics of9,3×64 7N33 ammunition is well behind the world's famous .338 LapuaMagnum, usually used for such applications. The effective range of SVDKis cited as "about 600 meters"; the 16,5-gram bullet has a hardenedsteel core and is launched at about 770 m/s, generating about 4900Joules of muzzle energy. At 200 meters the 7N33 bullet has 80% chancesto penetrate 10 mm (0,4") armor plate. It is interesting to note that9,3×64 7N33 sniping cartridge is actually based on 9,3×64 Brennekehunting round, designed in early 20th century for large game hunting,and the SVDK started its life as a 9,3×64 "Tigr-9" hunting rifle, basedon SVD design.

Basic mechanisms of SVDK are similar to that of Dragunov SVD rifle,although receiver and other working parts were redesigned to acceptlarger and more powerful cartridge. It has same short-stroke gas pistonaction with 2-position gas regulator and a rotary bolt with threeradial lugs. Receiver is also a machined part. The rear part of thebarrel is enclosed into tubular steel jacket, which in turn isconcealed within polymer handguards. This relieves the barrel from thestress, imposed by handguards and bipod, making it "almostfree-floating". The trigger and safety are similar to that of SVD, and pistol grip and folding butt are copies of SVDS parts, although SVDK has a larger rubber buttplate to provide better dissipation of recoil forces. Unlike original SVD,the SVDK rifle has no provisions for a bayonet mounting. Like SVD, SVDKis fitted with afjustable open sights; telescope or night sights areinstalled using SVD_style side rail on the left side of receiver, usingquick-detachable mounts. Standard optical sight is 3-10X variable power1P70 "Giperion" telescope.