XY 7.62



7,62×51 NATO (.308 Win)


Manually operated, bolt action

Overall length

1200 mm

Barrel length


Weight, empty, w. bipod

6.8 kg

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


The XY 7.62 (XY7.62) sniper rifle is produced in China by a private company called Eagle Investment Group Limited. Manufacturer claims 0.5 MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 300 meters and up to 0.8 MOA at longer ranges.


XY 7.62 (XY7.62) sniper rifle is a conventional manually operated bolt action rifle with rotary bolt. Rifle features aluminum alloy chassis-type stock with adjustable shoulder rest and cheek pad. Various optical and night vision sights can be installed using integrated Picatinny rail above the receiver. Ammunition is fed from detachable single stack box magazines.