B+T APR 338

Brugger & Thomet (B+T) APR 338 sniper rifle in standardconfiguration, with B+T scope, mirage band above the barrel and quick-detachable B+T silencer.
 Brugger & Thomet (B+T) APR 338 sniper rifle in standardconfiguration, with B+T scope, mirage band above the barrel and quick-detachable B+T silencer.
photo:Brugger & Thomet


Caliber(s): 8.6×70 (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Operation:  manually operated rotary boltaction
Length: 1236 mm  (1002mm with buttstockfolded)
Barrel: 690 mm
Weight: 8.02 kg (less telescope sight and otheraccessories)
Feed Mechanism: 10 rounds detachable box mag.


Brugger & Thomet (B+T)APR 338 long-range sniper rifle is a further evolution of the Brugger & Thomet (B+T)APR 308 sniper rifle.B+T APR 338 is designed to provide accurate long-range fire againstenemy personnel and unarmored 'material' targets, with effective rangebeing at least 1 500 meters. At the time of this writing (November2007) the B+T APR 338 is at the final stages of developmen, with production scheduled to early 2008.

Brugger & Thomet (B+T)APR 338 sniper rifle is a modular weapon, built upon a metallic lowerreceiver (main frame or chassis), which houses upper receiver with boltgroup andbarrel, as well as fire control group, folding buttstock and otherfurniture. Gun action utilizes traditional manually operated rotarybolt with three radial locking lugs at the front. Opening and closingrotation of the bolt requires only 60oof radialmovement of bolt handle. Free-floating precision-made barrel isequipped with special muzzle brake which also serves as a mountingpoint for quick-detachable silencer and hosts folding front sight.Trigger group, manual safety and pistol gripare assembled into single detachable module. Trigger is of two-stagetype and fully adjustable (trigger adjustments do not requiredisassembly of the unit).Ambidextrous manual safety is convenientlylocated above the pistol grip. Ammunition is fed from a detachable10-round box magazine, which provides last round bolt hold-openfeature. Brugger & Thomet (B+T) APR 338 sniper rifle is equipped withside-folding buttstock which is adjustable for length of pull, withadjustable cheek-piece. Polymer forend is attached to the chassis, anda folding bipod of adjustable height is provided forfiring from prone position. Additional folding monopod (also ofadjustable height) is attached to the rear of the buttstock. By defaulteach Brugger & Thomet (B+T) APR 338 sniper rifle is equipped withPicatinny rail at the top of receiver, with three more optional railsavailable on special forend. Standard sighting equipment includefolding iron sight (with aperture-type rear; not available onintegrally silenced models), and a proprietary Brugger &Thomet TRS (Tactical Rifle Scope) telescope sight. B+T TRS telescope ismanufactured exclusively for Brugger &Thomet by Schmidt & Bender, and it provided variable 3-12Xmagnification and proprietary aiming reticle with range-finding scale.With recommended ammunition, accuracy of  Brugger &Thomet (B+T) APR 338 sniper rifle is less than 1 MOA at any practicalrange. As per specification, rifle provides 99% or betterfirst hit probability against head-sized target at 600 meters andagainst human torso-sized target at 1300 meters. Maximum effectiverange with recommended ammunition (.338 LM Lapua Scenar 250 grs) is1,500 meters. Being well-known for high-quality andhigh-efficiency firearm sound moderators (silencers), B+T providesstandard APR 338 rifles with quick-detachable silencers.

Special thanks to Casca Long from Brugger & Thomet for information and help.