SIG STR 970 Tactical Rifle.
 SIG STR 970 Tactical Rifle.


SIG SHR 970 Tactical Rifle.
SIG SHR 970 Tactical Rifle.


Data: SIG LTR 970
Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win) ant .300 Win magnum
Operation: Bolt action, rotating bolt
Barrel: 609 mm
Weight: 4.43 kg empty without scope
Length: 1143 mm
Feed Mechanism: 4 (.308 win) or 3 (.300 win mag) rounds detachable box mag.


Both STR and SHR 970 models are based on SHR (Swiss Hunting Rifle) actions and manufactured by SIGarms, Switzerland. The SHR model is marketed as "Lightweight Tacticla Rifle", while STR is addresed as "Long range Tactical Rifle". The STR model, has McMillan stock, while SHR model has (unknown) stock. Both stocks made from polymer.
SIG 970 action is designed with quick interchangeable barrels/calibers, with bolt locking directly into barrel.
The barrel itself has heavy contours and id fluted to reduce weight and improve heat dissipation. Both .308 and .300 win mag barrels has integral muzzle brakes.
Rifle has 3 positions safety mechanism ("Fire", "Safe, Bolt locked", "Safe, Bolt unlocked"). Cocking indicator is located on the rear of the bolt. Receiver is drilled and taped to accept scope mounts.
Exact accuracy is unknown, but one could expect it to be 1MOA or less with proper ammunition.