5.45×39 M74


Manually operated, bolt action

Overall length

920 mm

Barrel length

415 mm

Weight, empty, w/o scope

3.5 kg

Magazine capacity

10 or 30 rounds


K11 sniper rifle is an indigenous and unusual “special purpose” sniper weapon, apparently intended for relatively short range work by Special Forces. It uses relatively low-powered and short-ranged (by modern sniping standards) 5.45×39 intermediate round, giving it an effective range of about 400 or 500 meters maximum. It was designed in around 1996, and produced in Armeniauntil about 2005 in limited numbers. Today Armenian special forces use a slightly modified K11M sniper rifle of same basic design, but fitted with better furniture, made of plastic.


K11 sniper rifle is a manually operated, bolt action rifle. It features rotary bolt with two radial locking lugs at the front. Receiver is externally similar to that of AK-74 assault rifle, but is machined out of steel block rather than stamped, and has no top cover. Free-floated barrel is rigidly fixed to the receiver. Rifle is equipped with AK-74 style rear sight, hooded front sight, and a scope rail on the left side of the receiver. Usually this rile is fitted with PSO-1 type 4X telescope sight, using side mounting bracket. Furniture (short forend and skeletonized SVD-type stock with detachable cheek rest) is made from wood. K11 rifle uses detachable box magazines compatible with Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifles.