Remington R11 RSASS

Remington R11 RSASS rifle with bipod and silencer


Remington R11 RSASS rifle




7,62x51 NATO / .308 Win


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1003 mm / 39.5”

Barrel length

457 mm or 559 mm / 18” or 22”

Weight, with empty magazine

5.4 kg / 12 lbs

Magazine capacity

10, 19 or 20 rounds


Remington R11 RSASS (Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System) rifle is a joint development of Remington Defense Company and JP Enterprises Company (which is known for high-end match / target AR-style rifles). R11 RSASS is built using JP-made components (such as side-cocking receiver and trigger group) and sold and supported by Remington. It is intended for law enforcement and military application as a designated marksman / sniper rifle. Remington offers R11 RSASS rifle as a complete package, with Leupold telescope sight, quick-detachable AAC sound suppressor (silencer), Harris bipod and carrying case. Stated accuracy for R11 RSASS rifle is Sub-MOA, with effective range being up to 800 – 1000 meters, depending on the target type and ammunition.


Remington R11 RSASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) rifle is based on the Stoner AR-10 / AR-15 type system adapted to .308 caliber cartridges, with adjustable direct gas impingement operation and rotary bolt locking. Receiver is designed with folding cocking handle located at the left side, which facilitates more comfortable operation from prone position. Barrel is made from stainless steel for maximum accuracy and optimized maintenance, and fitted with flash hider. Rifle is equipped with fully adjustable Magpul PRS stock and JP Vtac handguards with removable rails. Flat-top style upper receiver is provided with integral Picatinny type rail, which normally sports Leupold Mark 4 M3 scope with variable 4.5-14X zoom in JP-made one-piece mount. Rifle is fed using SR25/DPMS-compatible .308 magazines with 19 or 20 rounds capacity (other compatible after-market magazines may have capacities ranging from 4 to 50 rounds).