Istiglal Ist-14,5





Semi-automatic, recoil operated operated

Overall length

2256 mm / 89”

Barrel length

1300mm / 51”

Weight, with empty magazine

33.8 kg / 74 lbs

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


Istiglal Ist-14,5 anti-material rifle was developed in Azerbaijan and first unveiled to the public at IDES-2008 expo. According to available information, it has achieved limited success, being adopted by Azerbaijani, Turkish and Pakistani armed forces, most probably in very limited numbers. This rifle fires very powerful 14,5×114 ammunition, which was originally developed in Soviet Union prior to WW2 as an anti-tank rifle round, and since was used in few heavy machine guns, such as Soviet KPV/KPVT and Chinese QLG-02. This round fires heavy AP, API and API-T projectiles which weight between 62 and 66 gram (957 and 1018 grains). Muzzle velocities are up to 1000 m/s (3030 fps), and resulting muzzle energy of 30-32 KJ is almost two times greater than that of the .50BMG round. As such, this round offers significant anti-material capabilities and can be effective against lightly armored vehicles. Some sources list maximum effective range for the Ist-14,5 rifle as 3000 meters, but one must note that 14,5mm ammunition was never intended to deliver any sort of “sniper” accuracy. While its effect on the human targets can be described as ‘devastating’ at very least, 14,5mm ammunition and Ist-14,5 rifle itself are generally not suitable for anti-personnel use, being severe overkill at short to medium ranges and insufficiently accurate at extended ranges. The only viable use of the Ist-14,5 against individual personnel is in the counter-sniper role, where it can be used at medium ranges to engage enemy manpower otherwise protected by covers such as brick or concrete walls, parapets etc.


The Istiglal Ist-14,5 anti-material rifle is short recoil operated, semi-automatic weapon. Barrel locking is achieved by a rotating bolt with three radial locking lugs. It is fed from detachable box magazines with 5-round capacity. To reduce heavy recoil, it is fitted with internal spring buffering system and a massive muzzle brake. It is normally equipped with 8X telescope sight. Rifle is intended to be fired from support only, and thus is equipped with folding bipod and additional rear monopod under the buttstock. The complete Istiglal Ist-14,5 rifle is too big and too heavy to be effectively carried and maneuvered by single individual, and, therefore, it can be quickly disassembled into two man-packs, one containing the barrel and another containing receiver and accessories.