US Army M24 (USA)


Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 win)
Operation: Bolt Action
Feed: 5-Round internal magazine
Weight: 5.49 kg empty without telescope
Length: 1092mm
Sights: 10×42 Leupold Ultra M3A telescope sight (Mil-Dots), plus detachable emergency iron sights.
Barrel: 610mm.
Stock: HS Precision – adjustable length.
Max Effective Range: 800 meters
Expected Accuracy: 1 MOA with M118 (Ammo is limiting factor)


By the mid-1980s, the US Army's M21 Sniper Rifles, built on the M14 actions, were wearing out, and suitable replacement parts were scarce. The new wworld's political situation moved the focus of the NATO and the US Army troubles from the Europe to the Middle West. The flat, open desert terrains produced the need for the rifle with effective range ot to 1000 meters. The US Army set the specifications for bolt-action, stainless steel barrel rifle with Kevlar-graphite stock. After final shoot-off between Steyr SSG rifle and Remington model 700BDL, the latest was standartized in 1987 as a US Army's Model 24 sniper rifle. The M24 has a 24" (609mm) stainless-steel barrel, with a bore specially cut for the M118 7.62mm NATO Match Grade ammunition. The barrel was rifled with a special Remington- developed rifling, called 5R. It had five lands and grooves that make one turn in 11 1/4" (286mm), and the edges of the lands were sligthly rounded to reduce friction. The stock was a composite of Kevlar and graphite. The buttplate is ajustable through a range of 2.7" (69mm) to accomodate all shooters. The Leupold-Stewens M3 Ultra telescopic sight is a fixed 10X scope. It has range-finding reticle and built-in compensator for bullet drop.