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CZ 700

CZ 700 Sniper rifle.
CZ 700 Sniper rifle.


CZ 700M1 Sniper rifle.
 CZ 700M1 Sniper rifle.


CZ 700 bolt action
CZ 700 bolt action


  CZ 700 CZ 700M1
Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win) 7.62mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: Bolt action Bolt action
Barrel: 650mm, 4 grooves, twist 305mm RH 650mm, 4 grooves, twist 305mm RH
Weight: 6.2 kg empty 5.4 kg empty
Length: 1215 mm 1142 mm
Feed Mechanism: detachable box, 10 rds detachable box, 10 rds


M700 series sniper rifles developed by Czheska Sbrojevka – Uhersky Brod SA, or CZ-UB, in short, in Czhech respublic.
Both model 700 and model 700M1 utilize same rotating bolt action system with 6 lugs on the rear of the bolt that locks into receiver. Both use same 10 rounds detachable box magazines, and both offered in 7.62mm NATO.
Main differences are (probably) in the stock design and the barrel: model 700 is offered with heavier stock with reduced trigger guard and fluted barrel, while model 700M1 is offered with thumbhole laminated wood stock and plain barrel. Both models have stocks with ajustable pull lenghts and cheeckpieces. Both used fully ajustable triggers (probably the same for both variants). Both have receivers drilled and taped to accept scope mounts.
Exact accuracy of these rifles is unknown, but i believe that those rifles will shot sub-1MOA groups with recommended ammunition (7.62mm NATO 168 grain (10.9 gramm) boattail match ammo, like US M118 ball sniper ammo).