Falcon (Czech Republic)



OP 96

OP 99


.50BMG (12.7x99mm)

12.7×108 mm


bolt action

bolt action

Barrel Lenght

927 mm

839 mm


13.4 kg

12.9 kg


1380 mm

1260 mm

Feed Mechanism

2 rounds built-in

2 rounds built-in


The Falcon rifle is manufactured by ZVI in Czech Respublic. The rifle is manufactured in two variants – OP 96 for NATO-standart .50BMG cartridge, and OP 99 for ex-Esatern block standart Russian 12.7x108mm cartridge.

Falcon is made in bull-pup configuration. It has mauser-type, three lugs bolt. Built-in 2 round magazine may be blocked by special cover to convert rifle to single-shot mode. Falcon has mounts for various telescopic sights, as well as back-up iron sights. To reduce felt recoil, Falcon is equipped with muzzle brake and spring-powered recoil pad in buttstock.