Alexander Arms “Ulfberht”

Alexander Arms "Ulfberht" Sniper Rifle


Alexander Arms "Ulfberht" Sniper Rifle




.338 Lapua


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1048 – 1270 mm

Barrel length

699 mm

Weight, empty, w/o scope

9 kg

Magazine capacity

10 rounds


The “Ulfberht” long rage sniper rifle is named after ancient Viking sword and is produced by US based company Alexander Arms. Manufacturer advertises this rifle as “sub-MOA”, capable of routinely hitting a 12” steel target at 1,400 yards (with proper ammo and trained shooter, of cause).


Unlike many modern long range sniper weapons, “Ulfberht” sniper rifle is produced with fixed barrel, press-fitted to the machined steel receiver at the factory. It also features very unusual (for a sniper rifle) locking system with dual locking flaps that extend sideways from the bolt body to engage recesses inside the receiver (this system was borrowed from Russian Degyarov DP-27 light machine gun). Gun is operated using long stroke gas piston, located above the barrel. Gas system has a manual gas regulator. Rifle is equipped with side-folding Magpul PRS stock, match trigger and a ventilated handguard with full-length MIL-STD rail running at the top. Ammunition is fed using proprietary double stack, double feed 10-round detachable box magazines made from polymer.