Thor M408



.408 CheyTac


Bolt action

Overall length

1219-1384 mm / 48-54.5”

Barrel length

762 mm / 30”

Weight, with empty magazine

11.8 kg / 26 lbs

Magazine capacity

7 rounds


The THOR M408 extreme long range sniper rifle is an evolved version of the original CheyTac M200 sniper system. Developed for extreme range interdiction (ERI), the USA manufactured rifle is produced by THOR Global Defense Group. The M408 system is in use by several law enforcement and military units around the world. Although the company will not comment or disclose the names or countries of all their clients, they are able to schedule product demonstrations and provide additional data on the systems with one of the many authorized THOR agents from locations such as London, Manila, Moscow, New York and Sofia. This rifle is also available for civilian shooters who are engaged in extreme long-range target shooting. As supplied, the THOR M408 rifle is capable of outstanding long-range accuracy, with Sub-MOA groups routinely shot at all ranges up to 2000 yards (1800+ meters).


The THOR M408 long range sniper rifle is a manually operated, bolt action rifle. It employs traditional rotary bolt with dual frontal locking lugs and fluted body. The massive, extreme duty steel receiver offers strength and accuracy along with a quick-detachable barrel system which facilitates compact storage, simplified maintenance and simple replacement of worn barrels. The barrel is typically fitted with highly effective muzzle brake, which can be easily removed via standard threads and, if required (and permitted by local laws), quickly replaced by specially designed sound moderator (silencer). This rifle is fed using detachable box magazines with 7-round capacity. A fully adjustable buttstock is made of aluminum with steel reinforced guide rods, and the rifle is fitted with free-floating tubular forend (barrel jacket), which carries an adjustable folding bipod. An adjustable collapsible monopod is located under the buttstock. To facilitate easier transportation and maneuvers, the rifle is fitted with a high strength polymer rotating carrying handle, located near the center of mass. When not needed, this handle is rotated down and locked, as not to interfere with handling of the gun. As manufactured, The THOR M408 rifle has no iron sights. Instead, it sports a MIL-STD Picatinny type rail on the receiver, which could accept any suitable scope in appropriate mount, such as the Nightforce 5.5-22×56, which is recommended by the manufacturer.