RPA Rangemaster .50

RPA "Rangemaster" .50 caliber sniper rifle.
RPA "Rangemaster" .50 caliber sniper rifle.
Image: RPA International Ltd


Caliber .50 BMG / 12.7×99
Operation manually operated bolt action
Barrel 812 mm (32")
Length (ready / folded) 1520 / 1230 mm (60" / 48")
Weight, w. bipod and scope 16.9 kg (37.3 lbs)
Feed Mechanism 5 rounds detachable box magazine


British rifle-making company RPA Precision Ltd (now RPA International Ltd) originally built indigenous target rifles, and entered "tactical rifle" market in 2001 with new 7.62mm "Rangemaster" sniper rifle, based on proprietary RPA Quadlock® action, used in their match rifles. The 7.62mm "Rangemaster" rifle was soon supplemented with long range anti-personnel .338Lapua version in 2004, and long range / anti-material .50 caliber version in 2005. According to the manufacturer, RPA "Rangemaster"rifles are in active use with a significant number of police and security organizations across the world. With proper ammunition, all RPA "Rangemaster" rifles are capable of constant sub-MOA accuracy.

RPA "Rangemaster" sniper rifles are built around proprietary Quadlock® action,which features manually operated rotary bolt with four frontal radial lugs. Barrels are fluted for better heat dissdipation, and threaded to accept a muzzle brake or silencer. Triggers are of two-stage type,fully adjustable, with ambidextrous manual safety conveniently located just above the trigger. Rifles are fed using detachable box magazines holding five rounds. Stock is of composite (aluminum+ polymer) design, with side-folding butt which is adjustable for lerngth of pull. Unusual features of the RPA stock design are bolt channel, which also serves as the stock comb / cheek rest, and the fact that in emerghency situations rifle can be fired with buttfolded. RPA "Rangemaster"sniper rifles are sold without any iron sights, and equipped with standardPicatinny rail on the receiver which can accept a wide variety of day or night sighting equipment. Two additional lengths of Picatinny rail are installed on the forend. Other acessories include foldingadjustable bipod and adjustable monopod, built into the buttstock.