Accuracy International AI AX 308 Sniper Rifle


Accuracy International AI AXMC Multi-caliber Sniper Rifle




AX 308



7,62×51 NATO (.308 Win)

7.62×51 / .308, .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua Mag


Manually operated, Bolt action

Overall length

1170 mm

1225 mm

Barrel length

508, 610 or 660 mm (20”, 24”, 26”)

508, 610 or 660 mm (20”, 24”, 26”), also 685 mm (27”) for .338

Weight, empty, w/o scope

6.3 kg (w.610 mm barrel)

6.6 kg (w.685 mm barrel)

Magazine capacity

10 rounds

10 rounds


Accuracy International AX sniper rifle family is an evolutionary development of the famous AI Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) sniper rifles. Originally designed for US SOCOM “Precision Rifle System” trials, the AX / AXMC (Multi Caliber) rifle family was first unveiled in 2010; since that, the AX / AXMC family of sniper rifles replaced famous AW / AWM rifles in AI line-up of elite military sniper rifles. The parent system in AX line-up is a multicaliber AXMC rifle, originally designed for powerful .338 Lapua Magnum log range ammunition. Those “longaction” rifles can be easily converted to .300 WinchesterMagnum or .308 Winchesterammunition with substitution of an appropriate barrel, magazine and bolt. The AX 308 is similar in design and most features to AXMC, but is built using shorter receiver and bolt, properly scaled for .308 Winchester/ 7.62×51 NATO ammunition and other cartridges of similar dimensions.


Accuracy International AX / AXMC sniper rifle is a manually operated, bolt action rifle. It features rotary bolt with six locking lugs, arranged into three pairs at the bolt head. It features traditional (for AI rifles) polymer stock with aluminum alloy chassis, and a solid, flat-bottomed receiver made of steel. Rifle features proprietary AI 2-stage trigger and feeds from double stack, detachable box magazines with 10 round capacity. It features side-folding shoulder stock with fully adjustable comb and buttpad; stock folds to the right over the bolt handle, resulting in slim overall profile better suitable for carry over long foot patrols. Barrel can be easily removed and / or replaced in the field using hex key which is normally stored in the cheekpiece. Barrel is enclosed into aluminum forend / jacket with KeySlot interface which permits quick attachment and removal of accessory rails. No iron sights are provided with the rifle; daytime or night vision / IR optics is mounted to the integral Picatinny (Mil-Std 1913) rail above the receiver.