FN SCAR – SSR Mk.20 Mod.0

FN SCAR - SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 / Sniper Support Rifle

FN SCAR – SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 / Sniper Support Rifle




7,62×51 NATO (.308 Win)


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

1028 mm

Barrel length

508 mm


5,05 kg

Magazine capacity

20 rounds


The FN SCAR Mk.20 Mod.0 SSR / Sniper Support Rifle is the latest offspring of the Special Forces Combat Assault Rifles (SCAR) family, developed for US Special Operations command (US SOCOM) by US-based subsidiary of the famous Belgian small arms-making company FN Herstal. The FN SCAR-SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 Sniper Support Rifle is based on the 7,62mm Mk.17 Mod.0 SCAR-H rifle, and is designed to provide accurate and rapid semi-automatic fire at ranges beyond capabilities of the standard 5,56mm assault rifles currently in service. It can be used as a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), as a tactical equivalent of the famous Russian Dragunov SVD rifle, or as a weapon for a 2nd member (spotter) of a conventional sniper team, where the 1st member is armed with long-range and precise, but relatively slow-firing weapon such as XM2010 ESR (hence the moniker “Sniper Support Rifle”).

Manufacturer claims that FN SCAR-SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 Sniper Support Rifle will deliver sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 1000 yards (910 meters), assuming that proper sniper-grade ammunition is used.

The FN SCAR-SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 Sniper Support Rifle is already cleared for fielding by US SOCOM. It is interesting to note that Mk.20 SCAR-SSR rifle appears to be direct competitor to the Mk.11 Mod.1 / M110 Semi-automatic Sniper rifles, currently fielded by US military.


The FN SCAR-SSR Mk.20 Mod.0 Sniper Support Rifle is gas-operated, semi-automatic weapon. It uses short-stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and rotating bolt locking with dual front lugs. It is based on the Mk.17 Mod.0 SCAR-H rifle (stated parts commonality with parent Mk.17 SCAR-H rifle is about 60%), but uses extended aluminum alloy upper receiver, special barrel extension and enhanced trigger. It also uses same 20-round detachable box magazines. The precision-made barrel has special profile and is fitted with flash hider, which also serves as a quick-detachable suppressor (silencer) mounting point. The shoulder stock is of fixed (non-folding) design and has adjustable buttplate and cheek rest. Like all other rifles in the FN SCAR family, SCAR-SSR rifle is provided with integral Picatinny rail on top of the receiver, with additional rail attached to the extended forend. It can be fitted with detachable back-up iron sights and any type of optical or IR/Night sight, which is suitable for planned mission.