Lynx GM-6






12,7×99 (.50 BMG) or 12.7×108


Long recoil, semi-automatic

Overall length

1126mm (44.3”); 928mm (36.5”) with barrel collapsed

Barrel length

730 mm (28.7”)

Weight, with scope and empty magazine

11.5 kg (25.3 lbs)

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


12.7mm (.50 caliber) GM-6 Lynx anti-material / sniper rifle is manufactured in Hungary by Sero. This rifle is relatively compact for its power, and thanks to its long recoil operating system it offers rapid and accurate semiautomatic fire capability even when firing from unsupported (off-hand) position. While it is somehow less accurate than rifles of same caliber but with fixed barrels, GM-6 Lynx is still a very capable weapon which can engage targets at ranges of up to 1600 meters. Another useful feature of the GM-6 Lynx anti-material / sniper rifle is its caliber change capability, so it can be used either with western .50BMG (12.7×99) or with ex-Comblock 12.7×108 ammunition with exchange of few parts (barrel, bolt and magazine).


GM-6 Lynx anti-material / sniper rifle is long recoil operated, rotating bolt, semi-automatic weapon of bullpup layout. To save the weight, receiver of the GM-6 is made from aluminum alloy. Large ejection port on the right side of the receiver is provided with flip-up dust cover. One unusual feature of the GM-6 rifle is that it can be transported (carried) with the barrel / bolt group locked in the rearmost position to make weapon even more compact. Barrel is released into “ready to fire” position by a button release at the front of the barrel jacket. Providing that the loaded magazine is inserted into the rifle, release of the barrel from “transport” to “combat ready” position will also load the rifle and make it ready for instant action. GM-6 Lynx rifle is fed from proprietary box magazines, made of polymer. Sighting means are provided by integral Picatinny type rail that runs atop the receiver and can host variety of optical or night/IR sights. Additional accessory rails are provided at the front of the barrel jacket. Folding bipod with adjustable legs and multiple sling attachment points complete the basic package.