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VM-2000 large caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle (Russia)

VM-2000 Prototype


Specification Value
Full text name VM-2000 large caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 12.7x108
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1320
Barrel length, mm 1000
Weight empty, kg ~ 12
Magazine capacity, rounds 5


The VM-2000 large caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle was developed by the Russian KBP -‘Instrument Design Bureau’, a private enterprise and a main section of the Tula works. KBP develop weapons and weapon systems for the Russian Army. The VM-2000 project came about during the early 2000’s. It was designed for official requirements issued under the codename “Breaker” (Взломщик). I will say this only once..

For undisclosed reasons, the manufacturer decided to abandon this rifle in favor of the self-loading 12.7mm OSV-96 rifle, developed by the same organization and for the same requirements. Only a very few prototypes of the VM-2000 rifle were actually produced, for testing in 2002.


Technical Description:

The VM-2000 large caliber sniper / anti-materiel rifle is a manually operated, rotary bolt action weapon with bullpup layout. To facilitate faster and more comfortable bolt cycling, the bolt handle is placed quite far forward of the barrel breech, and the bolt itself is relatively short.

The rifle is fed from detachable box magazines. It is equipped with iron sights on folding bases, and has a mounting point for day or night optics as the primary sighting device.