Stemple 76/45, STG-76

Stemple 76/45 submachine gun, original version


STG-76 submachine gun (one of many versions), as made by BRP Corp on original Stemple registered receiver


STG-76 submachine gun (one of many versions), as made by BRP Corp on original Stemple registered receiver



.45ACP; also 9×19 mm for STG-76


2,5 kg (5.5 lbs) w.empty magazine

Overall length, stock open / folded

690 / 460 mm (27 / 18 inches)

Barrel length


Rate of fire


Magazine capacity

30 rounds


The Stemple 76/45 line of submachine guns, developed in USA by John Stemple shortly before the civilian automatic weapons ban of 1986 was final step in the evolution of the S&W 76 submachine gun. Stemple guns were intended mostly for the private US market, and many (about half of the total of 2,000 made and registered prior to 1986 ban) were sold not as complete guns but rather as stripped receivers, so purchasers were able to build their own legal full-automatic guns according to their own tastes and budgets. This was possible due to two facts: 1) civilian ownership of fully automatic weapons is legal in many states of the USA (although severely regulated by NFA’34 and FOPA’86 legislations) and 2) under US laws the only part that legally constitutes a ‘firearm’ and must be serially numbered and registered is the receiver. Everything else, like barrels, bolts, trigger units etc. are just spares, which can be freely purchased without any paperwork or registration.

In 2003 the private US-based company BRP Corp introduced a family of weapons which are based on the original Stemple 76/45 receivers but are available in a wide number of configurations, some of which are little short of amazing, at least from the traditional point of view. These weapons, which are generally known as STG 76 (STG stands for Stemple Takedown Gun), are built around ‘registered’ Stemple-made receivers produced before May 1986, using a mix of part from other weapons, ranging from other SMGs (like the Finnish Suomi), rifles (like the AR-15) and even machine guns (such as the MG 34). These weapons are legal for sale to civilians in many US states and still available while supplies of the original receivers last.


The original Stemple 76/45 submachine gun is a very basic blowback weapon, firing from open bolt in full automatic mode only. It features simple tubular receiver, made of steel, with pistol grip frame and magazine housing welded below. There is no dedicated manual safety, but the bolt could be locked in the open position by putting charging handle into the L-shaped slot. Gun is usually fitted with pistol grip (wooden or plastic) and side-folding shoulder stock of skeletonized design. Fixed iron sights are welded to the top of the receiver, and the barrel is protected by removable perforated jacket. Original Stemple 76/45 submachine guns in .45 caliber were fed using modified US M3 Grease Gun with additional slot machined for the magazine catch. Later .45cal versions used unmodified M3 magazines, and 9mm versions originally used Sten magazines. Modified STG 76 guns, built by BRP on Stemple receivers, can be fed using various magazines (i.e. Suomi drums), depending on the version and caliber of the gun.