Taurus MT-9 MT-40

Taurus MT-9

Taurus MT-9 submachine gun


Specification Value
Full text name Taurus MT-9 MT-40
Caliber cartridge .40 Smith & Wesson (10x22mm), 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 677
Length, folded, mm 421
Weight empty, kg 3-3.06
Magazine capacity, rounds 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 1200-1300

During the 1990s Taurus replaced in production its MT-12A submachine gun (licensed copy of the Beretta PM-12) with another foreign design, this time purchased from Chile. Originally known as the FAMAE SAF, in Brazil it is made in a slightly modified form as the Taurus MT-9 (in 9 mm Luger) and MT-40 (in .40 SW, especially for the Brazilian police forces that favour this caliber). In this case, the MT index stands for Metralhadora Taurus – Taurus Submachine gun, and the digits denote a caliber. Taurus also makes an interesting offshoot of the MT-40, the CT-40 semi-automatic carbine, which is also intended for police and security use but is restricted to semi-automatic fire and has somewhat longer barrel.

The Taurus MT-9 and MT-40 sub-machine guns differ only in caliber. The MT-9 is based on the receiver and trigger group of the 5.56 mm SG-540 assault rifle, made in Chile by FAMAE under license from the Swiss SIG company. The basic rifle receiver is shortened in the magazine area to accommodate the more compact pistol caliber rounds, and the gas operated action is replaced by a simple unlocked bolt (blowback action). The rifle trigger group with an internal hammer and three modes of fire (single shots, 3-round bursts or full-automatic) is retained, and the gun is fired from a closed bolt. A bolt hold-open device is provided, with a bolt release button located on the left side of the receiver, above the magazine catch. Fire mode selector levers are located on both sides of the receiver and also work as manual safeties. The receiver itself is made from two halves, upper and lower, both manufactured from stamped steel and connected at the front by a hinge. the pistol grip and forend are made from polymer. The gun is equipped with a side-folding skeletonized butstock. Standard sights include a protected front post and a combination drum-type rear, which has a V-type notch for 50 meters range and apertures for 100 and 150 meters.