Halcon M/943

Halcon M/943 submachine gun.

Halcon M/943 submachine gun.



Specification Value
Full text name Halcon M/943
Caliber cartridge .45 ACP .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (11.43x25)
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 850
Barrel length, mm 292
Weight empty, kg 4.05
Magazine capacity, rounds 17, 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 700

Halcon M/943 submachine gun (Pistola ametralladora Halcón, modelo 1943) was developed by Argentinean arms-making company Fabrica de Armas Halcon. It was manufactured for Argentinean army and police; lighter and more compact variant of the same weapon was manufactured as Halcon M/946 for Argentinean Air Forces (Carabina ametralladora Halcón, modelo Aeronáutica Argentina 1946). This weapon is rarely encountered outside of South America.

The Halcon M/943 submachine gun is a simple blowback weapon that fires from open bolt. Weapon can fire single shots and full automatic, thanks to the fire mode selector, located on the left side above the trigger. Charging handle is also located on the left side and does not move when gun is fired. Halcon M/943 submachine gun is fitted with heavily finned barrel and a massive muzzle compensator, and has a wooden pistol grip / buttstock of peculiar shape. The Halcon M/946 submachine gun was similar in design except that it had a shorter barrel and a MP40-type underfolding buttstock.