CZ Vz. 38

CZ Vz. 38 submachine gun


Calibre, mm

9x17 Vz.22 (9mm Browning Short)

Length, overall, mm


Weight, kg


Barrel length, mm


Magazine capacity, rounds

36 or 96

Rate of fire, rounds per minute



First requirement for a new submachine gun were drawn up by the MNO (Czechoslovak Ministry of Defense) in 1937, for a weapon firing Czechoslovak-army standard issue 9mm Vz.22 pistol ammunition (which is better known as the 9×17 Browning Short or .380ACP). The approved design appeared late in 1938, officially adopted as “Kulometná pistole vzor 38” (Machine pistol model 38, or KP vz. 38 for short). Designed at the Ceska Zbrojovka Strakonice factory by František Myška, it was a more or less conventional blowback weapon that used 36-round box or 96-round drum magazines. The initial orders were for at least 3,500 of these guns to be delivered to the army, but very few were actually produced before the Nazi occupation. Since the Germans had no use for an SMG firing 9mm Kurz ammunition, its production was quickly terminated and never resumed again. After the war, design of the Vz.38 served as a starting point for slightly more successful CZ 247 submachine gun.

The Vz.38 submachine gun is a simple blowback operated weapon, firing from an open bolt and in full automatic mode only. It was fitted with slim and relatively short wooden stock with a semi-pistol grip. Feed is from detachable magazines, either double-stack, single feed box type or drum type.