CZ 247

9mm CZ 247 submachine gun


7.62mm CZ 347 submachine gun (prototype)



Caliber, mm

9x19 Luger

Length, overall, mm


Weight, kg


Barrel length, mm


Magazine capacity, rounds


Rate of fire, rounds per minute



Shortly after WW2 Czechoslovak Ministry of Defense (MNO) issued requirements for a new submachine gun, firing 9×19 Luger / Parabellum ammunition. CZ factory in Strakonice (Ceska Zbrojovka Strakonice) developed a variant of the pre-war Vz.38 submachine gun, chambered for 9×19 Luger ammunition, with minor alterations. Designated at the factory as CZ 47/1 and CZ 47/2, it was submitted to Czechoslovak army tests but eventually rejected. Despite of that, it was briefly manufactured during late 1940s as CZ 247 and sold in noticeable quantities to certain African and South American countries. A prototype variant, firing 7,62×25 TT ammunition, was produced as CZ 347 but it was never made in numbers.


The CZ 247 submachine gun is a simple blowback operated weapon, firing from an open bolt, in full automatic or semi-automatic mode. Mode of fire is selected by trigger pull, short and light trigger pull produces single shots, while a full-length trigger pull results in full automatic fire. CZ 247 submachine gun is fitted with slim and relatively short wooden stock with a semi-pistol grip. Feed is from double stack detachable box magazines. One peculiar feature of the CZ 247 is that magazine housing is able to rotate and put magazine either below the gun or to the left of the gun, and CZ 247 submachine gun could be fired when magazine is in either position. This feature apparently was added to provide better cover when firing from prone position (with magazine located horizontally to the left), and more comfortable carry and firing from standing or kneeling positions (with magazine turned down). Another unusual feature is a magazine loading tool, built into the right side of the shoulder stock. This tool consists of a charging clip guide, attached to the stock. A full charger clip with 8 rounds is inserted into the guide, empty magazine located at the end of the guide, and then pushed forward, over the cartridges, loading magazine and ejecting empty clip. Five clips are required to completely refill one magazine.