Taurus MT9 G2 MT40 G2

Taurus MT 9 G2

Taurus MT G2 submachine gun

Taurus MT 9 G2

Taurus MT G2 submachine gun with shoulder stock folded


Specification Value
Full text name Taurus MT9 G2 MT40 G2
Caliber cartridge .40 Smith & Wesson (10x22mm), 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 753
Length, folded, mm 466
Barrel length, mm 200
Weight empty, kg 3.29
Magazine capacity, rounds 15, 30, 34
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 700-800

The Taurus MT G2 line of submachine guns first appeared in early 2011, apparently to replace older Taurus MT submachine guns in same calibers. These weapons represent 2nd generation of Taurus submachine guns, hence the apparent G2 addition to the name. Compared to 1st generation weapons, new Taurus MT G2 submachine guns offer more noticeably lower and controllable rate of fire, better ergonomics and probably more economical production, thanks to use of more modern manufacturing techniques. It is yet to be seen if these weapons will be adopted by any major force, though. Taurus also offers a semi-automatic version of the G2 line, known as CT G2, which is intended primarily to civilian and security markets.

The Taurus MT9 G2 and MT40 G2 sub-machine guns differ only in caliber. Both weapons are built using simple blowback action and firing from closed bolt for enhanced accuracy. Upper receiver is an extruded aluminum unit, while lower receiver is made from polymer with steel reinforcements where necessary. Weapon is fitted with ambidextrous safety / fire mode selectors which allow for semi-automatic fire, 2-round burst mode and full-automatic fire. Bolt catch is provided to hold the bolt open once the magazine is empty. Feed is from proprietary double stack box magazines, holding 34 rounds of 9mm ammunition of 30 or 15 rounds of .40SW ammunition. Furniture includes AR-15 type pistol grip and side-folding buttstock, made of plastic and adjustable for length of pull. Top of upper receiver is provided with integral Picatinny rail, and the MT G2 submachine guns are normally fitted with iron sights; rear sight has two range settings, for 25 and 50 meters. Additional mounting points for more Picatinny rails are provided on the sides and on the bottom of the polymer forend.