Sola Super, Leger

Sola Super submachine gun  


Sola Super submachine gun


Sola Leger submachine gun



SOLA Super

SOLA Leger

Caliber, mm



Length, overall, mm

600 / 875

570 / 789

Weight, kg



Barrel length, mm



Magazine capacity, rounds



Rate of fire, rounds per minute




The SOLA model Super submachine gun was introduced in around 1952 by the private Luxembourg company Societe Luxembourgeoise SA and manufactured until about 1957, when it was replaced by the less expensive and even more short-lived submachine gun model Sola Leger (light). Most of these guns were sold for export, to certain African and South American countries.



The Sola Super submachine gun is a simple blowback weapon, firing from an open bolt. The barrel is equipped with a muzzle brake / compensator. The safety / fire selector is located on the left side of the pistol grip and offers semi- and full-automatic modes of fire. Additional safety is provided by a flip-up dust cover on the ejection port: when the dust-cover is closed, a stud on its inner surface locks the bolt in the open or closed position (similar to the US M3). Feed is from double stack, single feed box magazines. Iron sights consist of a front blade and a flip-up aperture rear sight, marked for 50 and 150 meters. A retractable shoulder stock is made from steel wire.


Sola Leger: the barrel is shortened by 10cm and the muzzle brake is omitted, the trigger housing is made more compact and the flip-up rear sight is replaced with single fixed aperture set for 100 meters.