Demro TAC-1

Demro TAC-1, WASP submachine gun


Demro TAC-1 self-loading (semi-automatic) carbine. Note the 3-digit combination lock above the trigger guard


Demro WASP self-loading (semi-automatic) carbine with folding stock


Caliber, mm

9×19 or .45ACP

Length, overall, mm


Weight, kg

3.5 unloaded

Barrel length, mm


Magazine capacity, rounds

30 (.45), 32 or 50 (9mm)

Rate of fire, rounds per minute



The TAC-1 submachine gun and associated semi-automatic carbine were manufactured during 1970s by small American company DEMRO Products. Same company also produced folding stock versions of the basic TAC-1 under the WASP name. TAC-1 and WASP submachine guns were offered for police and civilian sales (where permitted by US laws), longer-barreled semi-auto carbines (with 16” barrels) were mostly marketed to civilians. DEMRO submachine guns and carbines featured several interesting features, including caliber conversion kits (in 9×19. .45ACP and .22LR), and versions with built-in combination lock that offered some form of limited access safety. Apparently, neither version was overly successful, although small companies in USA still offer replacement parts for DEMRO guns and its predecessors, Fox carbines.

TAC-1 submachine gun is a blowback operated, selective fired weapon which fires from open bolt. Fire mode selection is made through the pressure on the trigger – partial pull produces single shots, pull all the way to the rear provides full automatic fire. Gun features several safeties, including manual safety above the grip on the left, automatic grip safety (a the rear of the grip) and optional combination lock safety which locks the action. Barrel is easily removable and one gun can be converted between three calibers (.22LR, 9×19 and .45ACP) with substitution of appropriate barrel, removable bolt head, magazine adapter and magazine. TAC-1 submachine guns and carbines were fitted with wooden forends and removable wooden shoulder stocks. WASP submachine guns and carbines were fitted with slotted metallic forends and top-folding shoulder stocks.