SIG MP-41 Neuhausen submachine gun (Switzerland)

The SIG MP-41 submachine gun was produced by SIG Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft GmbH at the onset of the World War Two, on urgent request from Swiss army, which needed more weapons in the case of German invasion. SIG developed the MP-41 as an evolution of its previous SIG MKMS / MKPS family of submachine guns, and submitted about 50 units to Swiss army for testing. However, instead of fair tests Swiss army adopted much more complicated and expensive weapon, the W+F Lmg.Pist 41, developed at the State arsenal in Bern. Overall, only about 200 of SIG MP41 Neuhausen submachine guns were produced, and the gun is extremely rare today.


SIG MP-41 Neuhausen submachine gun
SIG MP-41 Neuhausen submachine gun


SIG MP-41 Neuhausen submachine gun uses simple blowback action and fires from the open bolt, in single shots and full automatic modes. Manual safety is located on the right side of the receiver. Like its predecessors, MP-41 Neuhausen features a folding magazine housing. When not in use, magazine can be folded forward and up, to lie below the barrel, protected from both sides by a forend. To commence firing, shooter has to press a magazine housing catch, located at the front of the forend, on its underside. This will release magazine, which then would rotate down to vertical (firing) position under its own weight, and lock there automatically. Magazine housing features a dust cover which closes feed aperture in the receiver when magazine is folded. Other features include adjustable rear sight with settings for ranges between 50 and 300 meters, and double stack magazines holding 40 rounds of 9mm ammunition.


Specification Value
Full text name SIG MP-41 Neuhausen submachine gun (Switzerland)
Caliber cartridge 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 800
Barrel length, mm 305
Weight empty, kg 4.2
Magazine capacity, rounds 40
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 850