SAR 109

Sarsilmaz SAR 109 submachine gun


Caliber, mm


Length, overall, mm

620 – 750

Weight, kg


Barrel length, mm


Magazine capacity, rounds

20, 30

Rate of fire, rounds per minute

900 – 1000


SAR 109 submachine gun is manufactured since 2013 by Turkish small arms manufacturing company Sarsilmaz. A semi-automatic only version of the SAR 109, known as Sarsilmaz TE 54 carbine, is manufactured for police and civilian sales.


The Sarsilmaz SAR 109 submachine gun is a simple blowback operated weapon, firing from closed bolt, in full automatic mode and single shots. Its layout with two-part aluminum alloy receiver and hammer-fired trigger unit is based on the Sarsilmaz SAR 223 rifle, which itself is more or less a clone of US M16 rifle. Firing controls include M16-type non-reciprocating charging handle and M16-style three position fire mode selector / safety switch, located on the left side above the pistol grip. Weapon is equipped with integral Picatinny rail above the receiver and retractable shoulder stock.