Degtyarov PDM


Caliber, mm

7,62×25 TT

Length, overall, mm

550 / 768

Weight, kg

3,1 (less magazine)

Barrel length, mm


Magazine capacity, rounds


Rate of fire, rounds per minute



Degtyarov PDM submachine gun (factory designation KB-P-135) was developed during early 1942 by team, led by famous Soviet gun designer Vasily Degtyarov (designer of the PPD-34/38/40 line of submachine guns, among other weapons). PDM was designed upon requirements for a compact, simple and easily manufactured submachine gun, drawn late in 1941 by GAU (General Artillery Department of the Red Army General staff). PDM submachine gun was extensively tested during 1942, and in the end it was rejected in favor of the Sudaev PPS-42 submachine gun. Only few experimental PDM submachine guns were made in Kovrov.


The PDM submachine gun is a simple blowback operated weapon, firing from an open bolt, in full automatic only. Feed is from double stack detachable box magazines. Iron sights feature flip-up rear sight blade with settings for 150 and 300 meters. Bottom-folding shoulder stock is made from stamped steel, like most other parts of the gun.