MK.36 Schmeisser

Schmeisser  MK.36,III submachine gun


Specification Value
Full text name MK.36 Schmeisser
Caliber cartridge 9mm Luger - 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1130
Barrel length, mm 502
Weight empty, kg 4.8
Magazine capacity, rounds 20, 32
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min ~500

The Schmeisser MK.36, III submachine gun was interesting pre-WW2 development as it was apparently made in an attempt to produce a standard-issue infantry weapon at a time when SMGs were generally considered by the military to be “specialist” weapons. Externally it was patterned after a typical military carbine, with a relatively long 50 cm barrel, a carbine-type wooden stock with a standard bayonet mount, and rifle-type tangent sights market up to 1,000 metres. However, only a few prototypes were built as its internal design with telescoped bolt spring guide infringed on patents held by Henrich Follmer (designer of the Erma EMP, MP.38 and MP.40 submachine guns).

Schmeisser MK.36, III submachine gun is a simple blowback-operated, select-fire weapon firing from the open bolt. Manual safety was provided by moving retracted bolt handle into L-shaped cut made at the rear of its slot in the receiver, select-fire capability was provided by cross-bolt selector button, located above the trigger. Feed was from detachable box magazines. Open sights were marked from 100 to 1000 meters in 100-meter increments.