9×19 mm


2,5 kg (5.5 lbs) w.empty magazine

Overall length, stock open / folded

690 / 460 mm (27 / 18 inches)

Barrel length


Rate of fire


Magazine capacity

30 rounds


CS/LS-5 submachine gun is a relatively new development of the Chongqing Jianshe Industry Group from China. This machine gun is intended primarily for police use, as it allows to fire both standard 9×19 DAP-92 ammunition (currently in use by Chinese People’s Armed Police) and locally developed 9×19 less-lethal ammunition with rubber bullets. Maximum effective range with “lethal” 9mm DAP-92 ammunition is listed as 150 meters. With less-lethal ammunition maximum effective range is claimed to be 80 meters, and minimal “safe” distance is listed as 10 meters. It is not yet known if CS/LS-5 submachine gun has found any practical use in China or abroad.


Externally, CS/LS-5 submachine gun appears to be a close copy of the famous HK MP5 submachine gun, but it is said to be noticeably different internally. Its mechanism allows for safe and reliable use of both lethal, full-power DAP-92 ammunition (as well as almost any commercially available 9×19 cartridges) and low-power, less-lethal ammunition with rubber bullets – without any manual adjustments. So far it is not exactly known how it is achieved. Otherwise it is a fairy conventional submachine gun, with upper receiver made from stamped steel. Lower receiver, along with magazine housing, trigger unit and pistol grip, is made from plastic. Gun is equipped with side-folding shoulder stock and several accessory rails (apparently, of Weaver / Picatinny type). Manual safety / selector switch is located on the left side of the trigger unit, above the pistol grip. Charging handle is located on the left side of the gun, above the forend.