Gevarm D4

Gevarm D4 submachine gun.
Gevarm D4 submachine gun.




Caliber 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight 3.3 kg
Length (stock closed/open) 535 / 782 mm
Barrel length 233 mm
Rate of fire 600 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity 32 rounds


The Gevarm D4 submachine gun was developed during early 1950 by French company Gevarm. It was produced in limited numbers, and used to some extent by French police.

The Gevarm D4 submachine gun is a simple blowback operated weapon which fires from open bolt. It had a safety / selector lever on the left side of the trigger unit, which allowed for single shots and full automatic fire. For aded safety, gun had an automatic grip safety, built into the front of the pistol grip. Charging handle also was located on the left side of the gun. The receiver, trigger unit and short barrel jacket were formed from sheet steel, making the gun rather inexpensive to manufacture. Gevarm D4 submachine gun was equipped with flip-up rear sight, marked for 50 or 100 meters, and with retractable buttstock, made of steel wire.