Bushmaster .50




12.7×99 (.50BMG)

Weight, kg

34.4 (gun body)

Overall length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Cyclic rate of fire, rounds per minute

400 or 500

Feed and capacity

Belt, dual


The Bushmaster 50 is a scaled-up version of the EX34 Chain Gun externally powered machine gun, described in a separate article (or a scaled-down version of the 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon, built on the same principle). Its primary mechanical difference from EX34 is dual belt feed system, derived from Chain Gun / Bushmaster series of automatic cannons.

Like its smaller-caliber brother, 7.62mm Chain Gun, Bushmaster .50 has no other controls than electric power connection, and electricity is provided by the host platform. It is obviously intended as a vehicle weapon, and could possibly replace in this role a venerable, but somewhat obsolete M2HB Browning machine gun.